Snapchat advertising: is it effective for business?

As digital marketers, we often overlook Snapchat as an effective way to sell our products. The reason for this may be because it’s harder for businesses to understand the ins and outs of how exactly Snapchat advertising works. As we get closer to the holiday season, we’re starting to think about what can help make seasonal content marketing stand out – maybe that’s incorporating Snapchat. After all, it does have 300 million active users.

First, you have figure out if the platform is a good fit for your business. Snapchat leads Facebook by a long shot in the millennial demographic. If your main client base is 20ish through mid-thirties, this may be something you want to seriously think about using in your content marketing plan.

The big thing you need to understand with Snapchat’s advertising capabilities is that they have a pixel. We always talk about the importance of using the Facebook pixel in your social media ad campaigns. Well, Snapchat’s got a pixel, too. It’s similar to Facebook in the sense that it’s a piece of JavaScript that will help advertisers measure and analyze the impact of each campaign. Businesses are able to see how many people take action after clicking through to the site after seeing the ad on Snapchat. Because video marketing is so huge, Snapchat offers a great platform to hone in on that trend and drive leads, subscriptions, and sales.

If you’re a still a little foggy on whether or not Snapchat could be a good fit for your business’ marketing strategy, they recently announced that they will be offering webinars that will provide further insight into how Snapchat advertising can help your specific business goals. This includes how to boost eCommerce campaigns thought the platform.

Ad spend on Snapchat is expected to reach $767 billion by 2020. Pretty interesting stuff! If you want to talk more about the possible value that Snapchat could bring to your business’ ad goals, hit us up in the comments. Let’s chat!

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