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The unemployment rate has reached low levels since the start of COVID-19. There are more job postings and open positions than there are job seekers.

Finding passive job seekers is the key to today’s recruitment.

How do I reach passive job seekers?


Understand who your
target demographic
is and how they consume content.


Understand who your
target demographic
is and how they consume content.

Target your demographic with an offer to hire

Our recruitment campaign strategy utilizes the deep user targeting tools available across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We help you craft the right message and visual creative to represent the position you need filled and deliver ads to audiences that match and mimic your ideal candidate in whatever location you desire. Don’t worry about what platform this delivers on – we’ll pick the right one based on your open positions!

Iron Workers Case Study

Day Campaign
Email Recipients
Social Ads
Target Locations

People are online a LOT. Use it to find candidates.

With banner ads, you can target users by age, gender, interests, search habits, and even specifically target competitor locations. Place your job openings right on a potential candidate’s cell phone, tablet, or desktop and continue to follow them around. We do this all in the geographic area you want to pull talent from.

Make it easy (and mobile) to apply.

Most candidates will already be employed and may not take the time to fill out a cumbersome application, nor do they have their resume or on hand. A mobile-friendly form that can be filled out in under two minutes will greatly increase the number of applicants you receive.

If you have a platform that applicants must apply through, this landing page can be used as a ‘pre screen’ application for you and/or your HR department. Use this landing page to vet applicants, ensuring that hiring managers are talking with qualified individuals.

Optimize Your Search with Additional Targeting Tactics

Targeted Email

Target potential applications based off geographic and demographic targets. This email is delivered in their inboxes white labeled from YOU. We have to ability to target B2C, B2B and NIC codes. Amplify your reach by retargeting the candidates that opened your email.

Search Engine Marketing

A paid search strategy allows you to place your sponsored ads within Google and reach potential candidates through not only intent-based keywords, but geography as well. With a paid search campaign, we can target passive and active audiences depending on your overall goal.

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