Last week we were pretty lucky to be a Gold sponsor of Dig South Tech Conference at the Gaillard Center. Thought leaders in tech, marketing, and advertising industries held sessions throughout the conference, and we honestly couldn’t get enough. There were so many good talks, and takeaways from each session.

We wanted to narrow it down and share some our faves with ya’ll:

Virtual Reality: This session was given by Tealanie Baldwin, partner of Payscout, a global payment processing provider. Baldwin explored the possibilities of VR commerce, and how being fully immersed in the purchasing process increases conversion frequency.

The main takeaway from this session was simply to always be thinking in the future. It’s more important to think about what your customers will want, rather than what they currently want. Living in a culture that’s constantly changing, people want what’s coming, and they want a real experience. VR offers the opportunity to truly give people that experience.

Storytelling: Storytelling weaved its way into several presentations. Content has notably grown to be one of the most important aspects of marketing strategy, and each speaker had something to say about that. The most impressionable talk was led by Meg Oepen, Head of Content at Under Armour – basically one of the most badass brands EVER.

Under Armour has a massive budget, so some of their tips were slightly less applicable. However, they focused majorly on the core of history in their brand, and how they use content to show that. Under Armour is a brand that cares about the history behind the subjects of their ads.

Essentially content should be driven by feeling, to make people feel how we want them to feel, so they take the actions we want them to take.

Crisis Communications: Lane Kasselman, former Uber Executive, and current founder of Greenbrier, gave an incredible talk on the value of effective crisis communication. We walked away feeling motivated to do our jobs better, and to be prepared for anything and everything that could come up during a day on the job in the PR and marketing world. He emphasized the value of 24/7 customer service (especially at night), so that you can stay on top of any issue that may present itself before it gets to a higher place.

The major takeaway here was the motivated energy in Lane’s presentation. It was impossible to leave without feeling extremely motivated to stay current and prepared for whatever might pop up, so that you can do the best job possible.

Product Development: Jocelyn Mangan, COO of Snagajob gave a stellar talk on the value of working together as a team to create the best marketing strategy possible for your product. What we found most valuable here was the emphasis put on the value of the relationship between sales and marketing, and understanding what each member of your team does. Understanding one another’s work will give your team the power to perfectly shape your marketing strategy.

I bet you can tell that we wish it was last week around this time. Dig South was still going strong! This year’s sessions really amped us up for next year, and what I’m sure will be the best sessions yet. Did any of you go? Which sessions were your favorite? Hit us up in the comments below!