Photo & Video

Enhance Online Presence

Stand out with on-brand imagery & videography that tells your story!

Our goal is to create personalized marketing images & videos to represent your brand, engage your customers, and convey your message. This allows your brand to articulate your message with creativity, personality, and greater accuracy. When hearing or reading information, people retain about 10% a few days later. When paired with a relevant image or video, people retain 65%. You are capturing more than their eyes; you’re capturing their minds! This personal touch sets your company apart from the competition. 

“67% of consumers consider clear, detailed images to be very important and carry even more weight than the product information, full description, and customer ratings.” - MDG Advertising

Our Approach

With King & Columbus, we help create a content plan that is best suited for your business. Your goal may be to deliver an engaging website experience. Customized photography & videography can help you highlight an authentic, effective website that shows your brand to your target audience. Visitors only take a few seconds to decide whether to stay on your website or bounce. With quality content and excellent images, you will convince your visitors to stay, and hopefully, convert!

Another business goal may be to boost eCommerce efforts. Showcases your products with high-quality imagery and/or video scroll-over will offer the most accurate representation of your products’ value and will push them towards making a purchase. 


Once we define your business goals and content plan, we’ll schedule your shoot locations, talents, or bring you in to our studio! 

What we can capture for you

  • Website Photo/Video
  • Social Media Photo/Video
  • Corporate Team Photo/Video
  • Commercial Photo/Video
  • Product Photo/Video
  • Lifestyle Photo/Video
  • Sports Photo/Video
  • Architectural and Real Estate Photo/Video