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Golfbreaks by PGA TOUR, regarded as the leading golf vacation specialists worldwide, provide an award-winning service at unbeatable prices. Whether that be a bucket list vacation to Scotland, winter sun in the Dom Rep, a buddies trip within the USA or perhaps a tournament experience, Golfbreaks have you covered.


To create a video highlighting the reasons behind “why choose Golfbreaks” that is face-paced, energetic, and gets the message across. 

  • Blend a variety of golf-related footage and create a seamless looking video.
  • Display high-energy but also give enough time for the reader to digest the information.
  • Stick within the brand fonts & colors and also add animated graphical elements to the video.


Our approach was to create a website that provides a wealth of information to the potential client so they can see the multitude of ways that E-Group can assist them in their technology needs. This was accomplished through a mega-navigation, contact form fills on each page, and easy-to-digest sections of content.

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