The Shortest Distance to Rockstar Customer Service is through CRM

One of the oldest rules in business says that the company with rockstar customer service edges out their competition. However, providing consistent, white-gloved treatment for all your clients – both current and potential – can feel overwhelming at times. Thankfully, there’s an app for that. Actually, there are several apps for that and the software that back them up.

Customer Relations Management software (CRM) helps today’s companies organize their clients, follow through on their promises, and ultimately increase their revenue. The uses of CRM software are almost endless; the trick is finding the option that is the best fit for your industry and needs.

Think of a CRM tool as an online portfolio of your business cards that contain more information than just a name, phone number, and job title. All client information- contracts, meeting notes, and to-do lists- are at your fingertips in one location.

But wait, there’s more!


With the database capabilities of CRM software, you now have the option to sort customers into specific categories. By building detailed customer profiles with specific tags or labels, CRM software simplifies targeting marketing for email campaigns and special promotions. Segmented categories of customers based on interests, region, company, product, service (the list goes on and one) makes it easier to narrow searches and send emails to specific groups. In fact, the open rate is 14.32% higher in a segmented email campaign than an unsegmented campaign.


So are other businesses finding success with CRM tools? Absolutely!


Research by Innoppl shows 65% of companies that have adopted a mobile CRM have achieved their sales quotas, as opposed to just 22% of reps from non-mobile CRM enabled companies.

Now, pair that kind of success with your company’s stellar product or service, and you will be singing the praises of CRM like the Rockstar that you are!

For more information on CRM software options, check out the following: Top Ranked CRM Systems for 2018.

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The top 3 most important components of CRM systems:


Following through calling or emailing a client is not only important for the sale, but for customer relations. A CRM system allows you to make personalized notes in client file and set reminders for a call-to-action. This could be monthly, yearly or when a product similar or cross functional to one the customer previously purchased becomes available. According to a study conducted by The Rockefeller Corporation , 82% of customers will stop working with a business because they feel uncared for.

Automation also allows you to schedules emails in advance or as a chain reaction to another email or download. Setting these up  in advance can save you time and help the sales process flow more smoothly.



A CRM system also makes targeting and niche marketing possible for email campaigns and special promotions.It does this by allowing you to build detailed customer profiles. Specific tags, or labels, can be used for different categories of customers based on interests, region, company, and so forth. This makes it easier to narrow searches and send emails to specific groups. The open rate is 14.32% higher in a segmented email campaign than unsegmented – so, tagging is an important practice. It’s always better to put in more data, rather than less.

By using forms you can have specific interests potential clients can select to learn more about and be tagged as to follow up with later or automatically send information to based on that response.



Think of a CRM system as an online portfolio of your business cards that holds more information than just a name and phone number. This is why they’re great for managing data and customer acquisition and retention. You have the ability to reach specific categories ( website clients, seo clients, full package clients) of customers all at once with one email, or multiple emails. Any form filled out can be filtered into your system automatically, so that all of your data is in one location. This brings more success when building customer relationships.

CRM systems come with a bunch of different effective functionalities depending what your business needs. Check out  the top ranked crm systems for 2018 if you want start the year off right for your business. 

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