Creative marketing campaigns that caught our attention


The best thing a brand can do in marketing is to express why it is unique. Between websites, social media, video ads and search engine optimization, there are ample places to stand out from everyone else.

Guides and tips for every form of digital marketing can be easily found online. These are great for understanding the basic ideas of each marketing tool. But robotically following advice can only get you so far. Push your marketing farther by putting a creative spin on your approach that is unique to your brand.

Each different marketing tool requires you to express your uniqueness in a different way. You can’t just treat SEM or PPC strategies the same as video or social media content. Voices need to differ depending on where you are engaging with your audience. A light-hearted tone might work better on camera than on a search engine result.

Let’s take a look at some creative marketing approaches that brands have used to push their success even farther. 

Jet Blue’s social media marketing

When it comes to social media, most businesses tend to show off what they sell or promote special offers. Being versatile tools, social media platforms allow you to use them in whatever way fits your brand.

Jet Blue Airways takes an unconventional approach by using their Twitter account to provide customer service. Some companies have a separate customer service account used exclusively for these interactions. But Jet Blue’s primary account is the front-facing page for showing how customer-focused the company is. 

Adapt your social presence to highlight the most important aspect of your brand. For Jet Blue, this means highlighting customer interaction. For you, maybe this means showing off charity work or user testimonials. 

Having a diverse social media profile isn’t a bad thing, but dedicating the page to one aspect of business that you take pride in will surely make you stand out. 

Spotify’s email marketing 

The online music streaming giant already has a massive list of members. But the key to their email marketing success is giving those users something special. Word of mouth is the greatest tool for growing Spotify’s user base, so the company has created a strong email campaign for its existing users.

Spotify takes a bold approach to personalization by focusing on content curation and user statistics. At the end of the year, an email is sent out to all users highlighting how they used the service throughout the year. This includes a custom playlist that features the user’s most played songs of the year.

Users are encouraged to share this breakdown using buttons within the email, which work seamlessly because the Spotify service already integrates with users’ social media accounts. This makes it easy for each user to post their yearly breakdowns and access their friends’.

Coinciding with each Friday’s new music releases is an email sent to users highlighting new music from artists they’ve listened to. This is an excellent example of engaging users through content they have already accessed. Provide relevant updates to your users based on the data they are giving you.

Spotify also gives users value outside of the streaming service capabilities. Through personalized data, the service also sends out emails that notify users of upcoming concerts for artists they listen to. This type of message isn’t asking the user to listen to Spotify. It shows the consumer that the business isn’t always out for itself and that it cares about the value it provides.

When it comes to email marketing, people want to feel like more than just a name on a list when they check their inbox. Personalized emails, no matter how large your list, only encourage users to evangelize your service for you. 

Minimum’s website

Your website is the perfect place for creativity to shine. While users expect to be able to understand your website’s structure, everyone wants to be impressed by a unique page.

Minimums, a website dedicated to highlighting remarkable people and the things they own, has a visually engaging site centered on simplicity. 

The strongest part of this website’s design is that there is never too many elements on the screen at once. The squares highlighting the personalities are large and take up either half or all of the screen. 

This is a clear example of letting a brand’s uniqueness drive the look of its website. Minimums might not be directly selling a product, but their approach is one that can apply to any business.

Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry’s video marketing

The Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry recently won our bundle up video giveaway. Through this contest, the museum will be releasing a duo of video advertisements that shows off the facility in a unique way.

The museum wanted to use their videos to show, rather than tell. Their new videos are focused almost entirely on showing off children at play. By avoiding over-explaining their exhibits, the atmosphere of the museum shines through on camera.

From painting, to pirate ships, to grocery shopping, everything that the museum currently has to offer was shown off. With future overhauls coming to the exhibits, this is an excellent way to create a format for future promotion.

Without relying on a voice directly explaining exhibits, the skeleton of the video can be reused in the future and swapped out for new exhibit footage. 

It can be easy to rely on a talking head in a video ad. Every business has a message that needs to be told. But it’s important to remember that messages can be conveyed just as well through visuals as they can through words. Don’t let video length restraints hold your creativity back.

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