Branding vs. Marketing: Understanding the Differences

Difference Between Branding & Marketing

A common misconception in the advertising industry is that marketing and branding are interchangeable terms. Typically, both are used as an umbrella term rather than two separate essential values. Yes, both concepts work correspondingly, but generate different results. Growing and establishing concrete marketing and branding strategies can be the difference between your company’s potential success.

 Let’s discuss how to effectively use each to take your business to the next level. 

The main thing to remember is that branding comes first. Your initial branding efforts are what leads to strong marketing efforts. Branding is the key to establishing loyalty with your customers. Consistency within branding is what creates recognition. You cannot market a company that does not have prior brand standards set in place. What does your company value? What is your selling point? What do you plan to contribute to the marketplace? These are the aspects that must be decided before you are ready to communicate to your target audience. Marketing strategies will continually shift, but branding is your voice and image to the rest of the industry. 

Now that we have covered how branding creates differentiation, let’s discuss marketing. Marketing is the catalyst for driving sales. Having the tools and strategies set in place to elevate your company’s presence is crucial. Marketing is the way you communicate and deliver your brand message to your target audience. Examples of marketing can include SEO, SEM, social media strategy, and content curation. Marketing strategies will continue to evolve throughout the life of your company while adapting to trends within the industry. Knowing your business goals and creating an efficient marketing plan can help tremendously.

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