4 tips on how to convert leads into sales

Let’s get real about what you do with your inbound marketing leads. 79% of marketing leads do not convert to sales. Why is that? It boils down to the fact that there is often not a straightforward process for how your marketing and sales teams proceed with qualified leads. It’s always a great feeling when your team runs a successful campaign, but does it really matter if you’re not bringing those leads out of the conversion tunnel?

We hear this concern all the time: “We have all these leads, but none of them will convert! How do we fix that?” It’s a good, valid question that you should be constantly asking yourself as a business owner, marketer, or sales expert. We have four tips that will help streamline your sales and marketing efforts so that you know what exactly is happening with inbound leads:

  1. Determine if your leads are qualified. Take a look at how your leads fell into your lap. Did the come through a targeted contest directly related to your product or services? A blog post? Email marketing? Only 25% of leads are typically legitimate to the point of passing them to your sales team. Do the research.

  2. Track your results. So, you’ve got an awesome marketing team that runs lead generation campaigns all the time. You consistently get 100+ qualified leads from every campaign. The next step is track every action taken following their opt-in. Are they visiting certain parts of your website? Clicking into your blogs? What are they interested in? Follow your customers and see what they want. Then, give it to them.

  3. Follow up. Now you see what they like. Sally Jones clicked on your blog about a new product release. She also commented expressing interest in receiving more information. Who is following up with Sally to make sure she is taken care of? Your marketing team needs to communicate the lead with a designated sales rep that will take Sally through the purchasing funnel.

  4. Ask questions. Start a conversation with your leads. This adds value to their visit to your website, and lets them know that you care about their product feedback. This also adds a little bit of pressure, making it more likely for them to convert.

Nurture your leads. Make sure they are taken care of. 68% of businesses haven’t identified their sales funnel. Pay attention to your competitors, stay 10 steps ahead of the game, and know your process. Let the revenue speak for itself.

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