3 Things You Need to Remember When Running Facebook Ad Campaigns

If you’re a community thought leader within a specific industry, you are constantly looking for the right customer audiences to target your messaging to. Where is the perfect place to find a niche group of people like that? One word: Facebook. There are approximately 620 million Facebook groups, presenting more than enough ways to gear ads toward targeted groups of potential customers.

Running an ad campaign is no doubt the best way to geo-target messaging and expand your reach. The process of actually running the ad is simple. I’m sure you can agree that the hard part is making sure the campaign is actually effective. The struggle can get real, so to make it easier, we narrowed the process down to the 3 most important components of a solid ad strategy:

Only make measurable changes to your ads. Your ads are going to change as you figure out what works and what doesn’t, and the biggest mistake businesses make is to change too many things at once (images, headlines, copy, etc.) without taking the time test each variable separately. By running different campaigns with single changes, you can track measurable results and make the appropriate adjustments. So, don’t even make one change unless you can absolutely measure its impact.

Use the Facebook pixel. We’ve covered this tool more in-depth in a previous post, and we’re back to say: please use this in your ad campaign. The pixel allows you to gather the correct data about your target consumers. To break it down, what can you track?

  • Opt-ins to company updates, newsletters, etc.
  • Product purchases
  • People who add a product to their cart and then abandon it

After several hundred conversions tracked by the pixel, Facebook will actually start targeting your ideal customers for you. Your ad campaign needs the pixel.

Your ad messaging needs to effectively connect with users. Facebook’s newsfeed update brings the platform back to its core: connection. Facebook has never been thought of as a place for people to shop. Does that mean your company’s ads will be ineffective? No. It means they need to align with that main goal of connection. Giving value to your ads and the overall content strategy of your campaign will capture the right customers’ attention.

If your business hasn’t started capitalizing on the opportunities running a Facebook ad campaign can offer, it should start now. It takes time to test the success of a campaign, and not only will you be investing your money – also your time. When you’re spending money (and time) on something, don’t you want to make sure it’s actually working?

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