Who Won the Super Bowl Ad Game?

Who Won the Super Bowl Ad Game?

Posted by Hannah Turner | February 6, 2018 | Advertising

We all know that the main event of the Super Bowl is the (sometimes) amazing and innovative advertising we get to see from brands making their mark during the biggest game of the year. The average price tag on a 30 second ad slot during the Super Bowl is $5 million, so the pressure is on to make the campaign a good one.

The star of the ad show this year was definitely Tide.  Proctor and Gamble ran an incredibly unique campaign that tied a variety of their products together with the Tide brand, and essentially made you think that every ad could be a Tide ad. They bought an ad in every quarter, kicking off with a 45 second slot and then 15 second ads for each remaining quarter. Their goal was for Tide to take over the Super Bowl, by asking viewers to question all ads they saw: is this a Tide ad?

The ad game was strong all around, so we couldn’t just pick one favorite! Check out the other winners in our book:

Touchdown Celebrations to Come: NFL

Good Odds: Toyota

Alexa Loses Her Voice: Amazon

Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice

Which ads stood out to you? Let’s talk!

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