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We Are: King & Columbus

Great marketing starts with a great team! Our team is a delightful compilation of creativity, type-A-ness, geekiness & passion. Meet the brains (& beauty!) behind our operation below:

Harrison Harbin

Agency Director



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Original Coordinates: 33.5443° N, 84.2338° W
Atlanta, G.A.

Hi, I’m Harrison Harbin. Yes, you read that right. My parents picked my name in the ‘80s when Harrison Ford was cooler than Taylor Swift. I have worked coast-to-coast as a Sales and Marketing Director, Senior Account Executive, and Agency Director, developing innovative, research-driven strategies to deliver targeted and effective brand messages. I guide the K&C team to bring all of your marketing and advertising needs into seamless, branded campaigns, utilizing expert client relationship building to get the job done. When I’m not orchestrating our top-notch team and chatting with our clients on the regular, you can find me searching the forest for my stray golf shots and entering father-daughter lookalike contests with my newborn daughter.

Reva Joy Henderson

Campaign Strategist



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Original Coordinates: 27.7518° N, 82.6267° W
Tampa, F.L.

Hey y’all, I’m Reva and my job here at K&C is to take the heavy lifting off of you and make sure that your campaign is the best it can be! I started my journey at Florida State University (go ‘Noles) in public relations and sports information. I transitioned into advertising and navigated my way through a few newspaper groups dabbling in print, magazine, niche and digital advertising. I love the opportunity to talk with all different clients to learn how I can help them in media planning and increase their exposure throughout the market – I hope I have that opportunity with you, too! My greatest adventure: climbing up all the stairs at the Eiffel Tower!

Jennifer Tubbiolo

Account Executive



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Tiffany Scott

Creative Specialist



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Original Coordinates: 34.0522° N, 118.2437° W
Los Angeles, C.A.
Hey y’all! I’m Tiffany & I am the Creative Specialist for K&C. I knocked out my B.A. in Graphic Design, Marketing & Spanish at Charleston Southern University. I just wasn’t able to tear myself away from Charleston after graduation, and I’ve been working in digital marketing & design ever since! My grandest adventure (thus far!) would have to be a tie between: white-water rafting off of a waterfall, or swimming around in ancient castle ruins in the south of Spain!

Carina Wingel

Marketing Manager



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Original Coordinates: 33.7490° N, 84.3880°W
Atlanta, G.A.

Hi! I am Carina and I oversee our inbound marketing needs. I earned my B.A. in marketing from Kennesaw State University and a Master’s Degree in Advertising from Boston University. Over the years, I have worked for fortune 500 companies as well as building multiple startups. I love travel and have many stories, but if I had to pick my craziest adventure it would be climbing Mount Vesuvius in a hail and lighting storm. It made climbing a volcano that much more exciting!

Hannah Turner

Inbound Marketing Coordinator



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Original Coordinates: 35.7796° N, 78.6382° W
Raleigh, N.C.

Hallo! I’m Hannah and I’m an inbound marketing coordinator for King & Columbus. I got a B.A. in Communication Studies and English from UNC-W – I’m a Seahawk through and through! I’ve worked in the marketing, public relations, and publishing industries since I graduated in 2014. I found myself living in Charleston earlier this year, and love exploring the marketing (and food…) scene in this beautiful city! My biggest adventure yet would have to be riding in a Tesla to Taco Bell – I’m a very adventurous person.

The talent behind
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Our team roster is as diverse as it is unique. By design, we’re genuine, curious, funny, eccentric, and sometimes manic problem-solvers. We’re large enough to nail complex cross-platform projects, small enough to know each other by name, and sprightly enough to handle the swiftest of deadlines!

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