The Best Ingredients for a Top-Notch Website

The Best Ingredients for a Top-Notch Website

Posted by Hannah Turner | December 14, 2017 | Branding, Designing

We don’t need to tell you how important it is for your company to have a website – you should already know that. Surprisingly enough, only 71% of small businesses actually have one. When you’re kicking a business of the ground, this should be the first thing you mark off your list. Throughout the process of launching our own website, we learned that the following components were key in making the King & Columbus website experience pleasant and beneficial to visitors:

Clean navigation:

Make it easy for your visitors to move through your site. Create a navigation menu that’s simple to use, and states each page clearly. When a website is cluttered and difficult to move through, people get frustrated and then move on without purchasing a product. Tip: If you have several pages that cover similar services/subjects, group them under the same topic to streamline navigation.

Mobile friendly:          

It’s simple – your website has to be mobile friendly. 95% of Americans have a smartphone, and 73% use their phones for research purposes. When a prospect arrives at your sight on their mobile device, it needs to appear just as clean as it does on a desktop computer.

Quality content:

Provide relevant content that will resonate with consumers. When generating content for your website, it’s important to remember the question that all consumers want an answer to: what do I get out of this? Avoid letting your content get stale, so that your product and business mission doesn’t also appear out-of-date.

Call to action:

This may seem like a “yeah, yeah – we know” tip, but it’s crucial to make sure there are several places for users to insert their contact info to receive more information about your business. The following forms are most effective:

  • ‘contact me’ form
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Free downloads (white papers, webinars, etc.)
  • Blog subscription
  • Email/update list

All of these grab the right info from consumers, and provoke engagement with your products and services. Arguably the most important aspect of a website – landing that lead.

Why is it a top priority to get on top of your website development? Two words: lead generation. The leads you land are truly only as good as your website is. Give your website the attention it deserves, and reap the benefits.

We will be diving further into the technicalities of web development in a case study series beginning in January. If you have specific questions about anything web, drop us a line and we will make sure to cover it in the series.

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