Facebook Pixel: The Marketer’s Dream Tool

Facebook Pixel: The Marketer’s Dream Tool

Posted by Hannah Turner | November 30, 2017 | Social Media
Facebook pixel

If there’s one feature that you need to be incorporating into your social advertising plan, it’s the Facebook pixel.  You’ve probably heard co-workers and clients alike buzzing about the pixel and what it can do for your business. It provides an easy way to measure and optimize your Facebook ads to make sure you’re really reaching the right people with your efforts – an essential component of advertising excellence.

So, what is it?

The Facebook pixel is a small code to place on your website that plays a strong role in tracking your site’s activity and conversions (such as links clicked, products purchased) through Facebook ads. In other words, it shows what exactly is attracting your audience. While users interact with your website and/or Facebook ads, they’re being tracked by pixel triggered cookies. Ultimately, the pixel will show you the people who have already taken action on your website. Having the ability to really understand what your customers are interested in through the pixel will help you polish up your ad strategy so that you’re running the right ads at the right time, in the right place.

Using the Facebook Pixel

You create Facebook pixels in the Ads Manager section on your business’ page – click the ‘Create a Pixel button and you’re ready to rock-n-roll on your pixel-y path. To see a step-by-step process of how to install the Facebook pixel into your website, check out this in-depth article from Facebook.

You have the ability to collect data through the pixel based on two types of “events” (website actions): nine standard events that have already been pre-determined by Facebook, or custom conversions that you set up personally. Standard events include more basic tracking categories such as entering payment info, searches, and cart additions, where as you can get super detailed with your custom conversions. You can get as specific as tracking who is viewing what product and in what category of merchandise.

Are you seeing positive results?

To know that you’re using this feature correctly, check out the following advantages of using the pixel:

  • Track conversions across multiple devices to see who interacts with your website after seeing your Facebook ads.
  • Remarket your ads to customers that have already visited your website. For example, if a user clicks your ad, lands on your website and downloads one of your free webinars, you can to target that same user to encourage them to go a step further and make a purchase. You can even get as specific as retargeting an ad for the exact same product that a customer abandoned in their cart while previously on your site. Re-plant the seed and make a sale.
  • Create and run effective ads after tracking their impact on your target audience. After taking a close look at audience insights and analytics, you can effectively improve your ads so that they are reaching the right people that are the most likely to take action on your website.
  • Build lookalike audiences that have similar interests and demographics to the folks that are already interacting heavily with your website in order to expand your target market.

Overall, the Facebook pixel will provide key insight into your target audience and what they like – then you can tailor your ads so that they’re effectively drawing leads to your website. So, it’s basically a marketer’s dream tool.

Not utilizing the Facebook pixel and all the benefits that come with it? You need to change that – and we can help you.

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[…] you caught our recent blog post on the importance of incorporating the Facebook Pixel into your marketing plan, you know we’re pretty serious about our appreciation for Facebook […]

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