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Posted by | March 1, 2018
Why Should You Embrace the Facebook Update?

In a recent post we talked updates to Facebook’s news feed, and all the jazz that will seemingly change for publishers. Most of the time with social media updates, the...

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Posted by | January 25, 2018
Facebook’s update: What does it mean for your digital strategy?

If you’ve been engaging in the social media buzz over the past couple weeks, you already know about Facebook’s recent announcement regarding upcoming changes to the news feed *gasp* -...

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Posted by | January 18, 2018
Diving Deeper: Facebook Pixel FAQs FTW

If you caught our recent blog post on the importance of incorporating the Facebook Pixel into your marketing plan, you know we’re pretty serious about our appreciation for Facebook marketing...

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Posted by | December 7, 2017
Facebook Local: A Gift to Small Businesses

On Black Friday, Facebook had one major giveaway that we’re definitely thankful for. The Leader of the Interweb launched a new localized marketing tool: The Facebook Local app. A re-vamp...

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Facebook pixel
Posted by | November 30, 2017
Facebook Pixel: The Marketer’s Dream Tool

If there’s one feature that you need to be incorporating into your social advertising plan, it’s the Facebook pixel.  You’ve probably heard co-workers and clients alike buzzing about the pixel...

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analytics tracking
Posted by | October 26, 2017
Are You Capitalizing on Ad Tracking?

We can get to know our target markets really, almost scarily, well. Websites have the ability to track a consumer’s every move from location, device, number of times they’ve visited...

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social media platform
Posted by | October 19, 2017
Which Social Media Platform is Your Weakest Link?

Social media has grown to be a marketing tool that businesses rely on heavily for promotions, branding, and even lead generation. A recent survey by eMarketer states that 88% of...

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Posted by | October 12, 2017
What Are You Spending Your Money On?

Something that we’re serious about at King & Columbus is keeping it 100% real about where you should and should not be spending your money. Digital marketing is moving at...

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Posted by | September 29, 2017
Apple breaks up with Bing, Twitter thinks you need more words, and more updates this week in digital marketing

It’s been an exciting week in digital marketing and advertising, with announcements on several updates launched from YouTube, Twitter, and Apple. Here’s a roundup for you:   Apple breaks up...

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ad tracking
Posted by | June 1, 2017
How Social Media Can Give Your Business a Boost

With more than 2.3 billion active users and more than 1.9 billion mobile users globally, social media presents a huge opportunity for brands. In fact, 83 percent of all marketers...

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