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Posted by | December 7, 2017
Facebook Local: A Gift to Small Businesses

On Black Friday, Facebook had one major giveaway that we’re definitely thankful for. The Leader of the Interweb launched a new localized marketing tool: The Facebook Local app. A re-vamp...

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multi location SEO
Posted by | November 9, 2017
How do You Manage Local SEO for Businesses with Multiple Locations?

Having a rock solid multiple location SEO strategy will do wonders for your business. Managing SEO for a single location business is one thing, however if you decide to open...

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analytics tracking
Posted by | October 26, 2017
Are You Capitalizing on Ad Tracking?

We can get to know our target markets really, almost scarily, well. Websites have the ability to track a consumer’s every move from location, device, number of times they’ve visited...

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Posted by | October 12, 2017
What Are You Spending Your Money On?

Something that we’re serious about at King & Columbus is keeping it 100% real about where you should and should not be spending your money. Digital marketing is moving at...

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king & columbus
Posted by | October 9, 2017
How Important is Local SEO? The Answer is: VERY.

Four out of five people use search engines to conduct local searches, according to a recent study led by our pal, Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO / Local SEO) is...

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search engine marketing image
Posted by | June 2, 2017
How to Make Search Marketing Work for Your Business

The internet has changed every aspect of our world, including advertising and marketing. Today, it's not enough to rely on traditional print or even TV ads - you need to...

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