The 2017 Breakdown: In Case You Missed It

The 2017 Breakdown: In Case You Missed It

Posted by Hannah Turner | December 28, 2017 | Marketing

2018 is officially here on Monday? Say what?

This year has been one for the books in terms of rising digital marketing and advertising trends. From the growth of influencer marketing, to the video marketing takeover – 2017 has us feeling pretty amped about what our industry can expect in 2018.

So, which trends made the biggest impact on strategic marketing this year?

Influencer marketing:

The word “influencer” is probably ringing in your ears – it’s at the top of everyone’s list in terms of current marketing trends. Influencer marketing started to gain popularity in 2016, earning the second highest ROI measurement out of all measurable marketing tactics in a survey conducted by Forbes. This technique is when a brand partners with celebrities or well-known bloggers and industry experts, who then endorse said brand’s products and/or messaging. Effective influencers typically have a combination of strong reach, relevance, and authority, making them a credible source to targeted consumers.

Sponsored content:

Otherwise known as a “promoted post,” sponsored content is a non-disruptive way for brands target people that would be interested in their products– it also partners with influencer marketing. Brands are offering content that goes beyond the actual product, and offers information that will help the consumer, leading them to look further into the brand itself. Sponsored ads will reportedly account for 74% of all revenue by the time that 2021 rolls around – so, we’re excited to see its growth in 2018.

Video marketing:

Let’s face it – video is everywhere. Whether you’re logging into your social media accounts or checking out your favorite online news source, you will end up seeing (and watching) some form of video marketing. According to a study led by Forbes, 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook every day. This number is only predicted to increase, and overall internet video traffic is expected to increase to over 80% within the next four years. Needless to say, if you’re not capitalizing on this trend, you should make this one of your business’ resolutions for the New Year.

Instant communications:

Several studies show that instant messenger apps (Facebook Messenger, etc.) are the fastest growing technology right now. How does this help marketing strategy? Well, when people want something, they typically want it as fast as possible. Businesses are really starting to utilize these services such as WeChat, Facebook Messenger, etc. Messaging is so important in today’s society – people exchange hundreds of messages per day, and marketers need to join the conversation. These services provide a way for brands to have personalized one-on-one conversations with consumers.

Cheers to another great year in digital marketing and advertising!

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